Shipping and return policy

Donations are nonrefundable and no merchandise is being sold and nothing will be physically shipped to the donor outside of an acknowledgement of the donation.

Terms and Conditions

All donations to The Iowa Educational Opportunities PAC (EOPAC) will be treated as donations for the purposes outlined on this website and in accordance with Iowa Advocates and EOPAC policies and the laws of the State of Iowa. The Educational Opportunities PAC (EOPAC) is a separate segregated fund of Iowa Advocates for Choice in Education.

Privacy Policy

Iowa Advocates and EOPAC will not sell or trade your information. Donations to the EOPAC will be reported as required by law.

Information Collected – We collect information such as name, address, email, and financial information as required to process donations in accordance with the policies of SecureNet (our payment gateway) and those of the State of Iowa for donations to PACs.

When making a donation: any field marked with an asterisk is required to process the transaction and/or report to appropriate agencies as required by law.  All other information submitted via a donation or correspondence is optional.

Iowa Advocates and EOPAC only track or log data as prescribed by our vendors.  We are nice people and we care about you, your privacy, and your data.  We will not trade or sell your data and will only use your data to process your transaction or respond to your request(s).

We utilize WordPress, VoterVoice, FoxyCart, and SecureNet to operate and services this site and/or process transactions.  Use of this site may provide information to each of these entities and we encourage you to review their terms of service, privacy policies, and terms of service.